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It's all about simple three steps
1. Register :The sign up process takes about 5 seconds , and we'll even give you BONUS POINTS when you register.
2. Earn points: In order to provide you and others with a FREE Coinz, Codes, Cheats, Cards, VIP Memberships , IPhone/IPad Meez Stuff ,And Other Stuff to Enjoy with Meez you need to earn points. Earning these points are FREE, and you just need to complete a few surveys to get enough points to claim a free coins, cards, codes, vip memberships and cheats . You can also earn more points by signing up to some trial offers.
3. Get Your Prize (Cheats, Codes, Coins and VIP Membership ): Once you have earned you can enjoy the stuff we are offering which you can use ALONE to enjoy your time.

What are points worth?

20 points = 5000000 Meez Coinz
30 points = Ultimate Cheat/ Codes Guide
50 points = Meez VIP/ VIP Membership
70 points = IPhone/IPad Meez Collection
You need 20 points before you can redeem them for your gifts.

Kindly Notice that you will earn instantly 10 bonus points after registration.

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Meez Codes

We collect meez codes for you, our service guarantees to give you all the codes required for your gift.

Meez Coinz

You can get it in many ways, if you want the coins it is always available with us if you need a coins in your account it is also one of the possibilities. and of course we can provide you with the meez cheats Cheats guide which you can use it yourself to get your own coins.

Meez Vip Membership

Just after you win your meez vip membership prize we'll ask you to send us your meez character name ONLY the name then we will turn your account to VIP account.

iPhone/iPad Meez Stuff

Software applications makes your play easier inside the game and iPhone/iPad backgrounds and many other related prizes.